Where can I buy a ticket for the Gisborne Wine & Food WEEKEND FESTIVAL from?

Tickets are available from Ticketek.co.nz or the Gisborne Wine Centre or the Gisborne i-site

How much do tickets cost?

A festival pass is $40 which includes all day complimentary bus.

There will also be complimentary buses provided at designated bus stops from Wainui to "Wine Central" at the A & P Showgrounds Pavilion to start the winery route about the three winery venues from 10.30am to 1.00pm. Buses will return punters into town from 4.30pm onwards to the same designated bus stops until 6.30pm.

Is this an R18 event?

If you are buying tickets yes and if you are on the bus they are R18. Yes you need ID

Can I buy a TICKET on the day?

At this point there will be no tickets available as it is anticipated that the event will sell-out at 2000 tickets per day

Can I get on the bus anywhere on the route?

You must have transferred your ticket for a wristband and get your glass at the beginning of the day from the Transfer Hub at Wine Central - A & P Showgrounds Pavilion, Main Road Makaraka, Gisborne. Then you can collect the bus only from the participating venues that are open Sunday - Matawhero Wines, The Millton Vineyard and Wine Central - A & P Showgrounds Pavilion.

There will also be complimentary buses provided at designated bus stops from Wainui to "Wine Central" to start the winery route about the three winery venues from 10.30am to 1.00pm. You will need your ticket to get onto these early buses. Buses will return punters into town from 4.30pm onwards to the same designated bus stops until 6.30pm. 

Where are the bus stops?

At this stage the town bus stops will be : Wainui Store, Army Hall Carpark - Fitzherbert Street & Big Save Carpark, Gladstone Road - any changes will be advertise on the website www.gisbornewineandfood.co.nz  

Can I get on and off the bus as many times as I want?

Yes for sure, if you have a festival pass you can stay on the bus all day or get off where you would like - just remember to move on to make way for others to enjoy all the venues.

Where do I pick up my bus pass and glass?

You must transfer your tickets for a wrist band and get your glass from the Transfer Hub - "Wine Central" located at the A & P Showgrounds Pavilion, Main Road Makaraka, Gisborne from 10.30am onwards. Buses will start to depart on the route from 10.45am and will continue to loop around all three venues until last departure at 6.30pm back to the town.

Can I bring my baby to the VENUES?

Yes if you are travelling privately in your own vehicle

Will there be EFTPOS available at the event?

Yes there will be

Will there be free water at the VENUES?

Yes there will be as part of our responsibility of our liquor licenses, each venue must supply tap water. There will also be bottles water to purchase and non-alcoholic drinks.

What food will be available to me?

Check out the venue information on line at www.gisbornefoodandwine.co.nz and there is a great array of great Gisborne food. Venues are partnering with a food provider to enjoy with their wine.

Where can I get a taxi from?

From every venue, there is a "Host Spot" located at the entry to each venue, the host there will be able to source a taxi for you

Will there be car parking at the venues?

Yes but limited - best to take the bus of course, you will have a lot more fun for sure

What kind of music will there be at the venues?

Each venue will have musicians or music playing throughout the day. There will be a range of music but each will be suited to a relaxed, chilled environment for patrons and there will not be loud bands or large dance floors. Some of the music will include jazz, blues, easy-listening, chill-out, dub, roots, etc.We are making your trip for the day a cruise not a party

How do my friends in Hawkes Bay buy a ticket?

Get them to buy on line at www.ticketek.co.nz

Is there a limited amount of tickets available?

Yes we are only selling 2000 tickets for each day so get in quick

My ticket has not arrived in the mail?

Check that you have not ordered a "print online" ticket through Ticketek. Otherwise please get in touch with the agent who sold you your ticket to get a replacement.


On each bus there will be a HOST to attend to your queries. At each venue you will have to show your wristband to the security as you past through the main entrance. There will also be a chill out area to sit for a while if you are not feeling too good.

Can I buy wine bottles at the VENUES?

Yes you will be able to buy wine by the glass or by the bottle. There will be a limited selection of other beverages available as well. You will not be able to take any bottles on the bus when departing a cellar door.

Can I buy bottles to take home with me from the VENUES?

We can sell you bottles of wine to take home with you in your car. We are unable to sell you bottles of wine to take home from the venue if you aretravelling on the bus as we are unable to have any bottles at all on the bus service under the terms of our licence. We are able to take your order and have the wine delivered to you or available for pick up at a suitable time.

What if I am removed from a VENUE, can I go to another one?

If you are removed from a venue, it will be for intoxication or unacceptable behaviour. It will be up to the venue’s discretion whether they remove their pass from you altogether, involve security or let you have some time out before returning to a venue.

What happens if my glass gets stolen or broken?

You will be able to purchase a new glass at any cellar door for $5.00 if anything happens to your glass. We are unable to give you a glass free of charge if someone else damages your glass as we only have a limited number available.

What other events are happening over the weekend?

You can see more information on the other events on our website. And tickets for these events can be purchased from Ticketek or contact the person in charge.